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Paperless Post, Pingg, and Evite are websites that offer invitations and announcements through the environmentally and wallet friendly internet. They are user friendly and store an address book of your emails once you upload them. All three have numerous designs for whatever event or announcement you may have.

Paperless Post

Paperless Post is a classy alternative to mailing out actual cards. They look like sophisticated invites that you can easily tailor to fit whatever you need. You can do invites that appear in people’s inbox as an envelop (complete with an image of a stamped stamp!) that the person clicks on and the card pops out. Or more simply, you can just send people the card. Either way, they look like beautiful high quality card stock invites. Your guests can RSVP online by clicking on the card and the site tracks the responses along with comments. As the creator, you can tell when someone has read the card or not.

Price: Not expensive. When you create an account, you are given 25 “stamps” and 10 “coins”. You need to have a stamp for every card you sent out. You can purchase more stamps and coins. For example 150 stamps cost $12 and 150 coins cost $15.

If you want to add special details to your design, then it costs one coin per detail per invitation. Special details include adding a liner for your envelop or uploading a photo to go on your card. I love the designs for the liner of the envelop – they have so many adorable patterns and colors to choose from – and I am just a dork who loves that type of detail!

Sample designs from Paperless Post



Sample designs from Pingg

Sample designs from Pingg

Pingg prides itself on having unique artistic designs from all different sources for events and announcements. You can upload your own pictures or designs and Pingg has an online RSVP section. Pingg also offers the service of printing and mailing your invitations for you. Once you upload everyone’s home addresses, they will print, address, stamp and mail them for you. They also create a unique URL for each event so your guests can still RSVP online and you can keep track of the responses.

Price: Free for e-cards, $2.50 per mailed invitations.



Sample designs from Evite

Evite is a great website for sending out an invitation to an event. It’s the original event site that very clearly shows you not only who is invited, but who has said yes, no or maybe with comments.  As the host of the event you can tell who has opened the evite and who hasn’t. For those who like to stalk their friends, as the host, evite lists the date of the last time someone looked at the invitation until they give an answer. You pick a design for the invite web page. While perhaps not the most sophisticated looking, it is easy to use with the option to upload your own images.

Price: Free!


And of course you can always just send out a plain old email. That does the trick as well. Especially if you just want to get out a save the date. Which, by the way, is a very good idea. People are busy. Whether you are sending out a card in the mail or an e-invitation, sending out a quick save the date email gets the event on people’s radar and even better, on their calendar. This can also help you foresee any huge conflicts that would make you want to change the date of the event. After you get the save the date out, then you can focus on a fancier version either in the form of an email, e-invitation or good old fashion snail mail.

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