Peter Luger’s

Peter Luger’s is one of the best, if not the best steak house in the city. It has been famous for over 100 years, serving the finest steaks since 1887. They choose from only the finest USDA PRIME meat available. The selection process is crucial and therefore is done only by members of the family who visit the wholesale markets on a daily basis.

I went to Peter Luger’s for the first time for a friend’s birthday. On this occasion it was just the 2 of us but there were lots of large groups in the restaurant. Going off recommendations from friends, we had the Porterhouse for 2, creamed spinach and Luger’s Special German fried potatoes. The meal was divine. Now I know why this restaurant has the reputation it does. We then topped off our meal with the Luger’s Special “Holy Cow” Hot Fudge Sunday, served with homemade “Schlag” (whipped cream). Holy Cow is right! If you can possibly save room after all the steak, I highly recommend this dessert.

The decor is very simple with lots of wood and German accents. There is no dress code. People wear anywhere between jeans and a t-shirt to fancy attire. The servers are very old school. They are dressed in white button down shirts and have a very blunt, no-nonsense manner. You can tell all of the employees take great pride in the restaurant.

At Peter Luger’s, I felt like I was experiencing one of New York’s great traditions. The long history of superb food, the simple decor and no dress code results in an easy-going, laid back environment. The experience is about the food, not some glitzy location. You get to enjoy the quality but not at the price of being incredibly fancy which is refreshing in a city like New York. While not cheap (the prices aren’t even listed on the menu), it is well worth the money. And bring cash unless you have a Peter Luger’s credit card for that is the only credit card they take. They also take debit cards and personal checks with ID.

Peter Luger’s has 2 locations. One in Brooklyn and one in Great Neck, NY.

The Brooklyn location has 3 main dining rooms downstairs.
Upstairs they have 2 adjoining rooms that are open on the weekends and busy nights. They can also be booked for private parties. There is removable wall between the 2 rooms. The second room is mainly only used when there is a large enough party. To book the first room there is a minimum of 30 people with a max of 40. It order to book both rooms there is a minimum of 50 people with a max of 70. You might be able to book the upstairs with only 25 people depending on availability and just know that if the restaurant is very busy, 2 other tables may join you.

Upstairs bar area

The area upstairs has its own bar, set of bathrooms and coat rack and so the area really feels like your own space. Within the rooms, you can set up the tables however you like. For private parties you can either use the regular menu or do a prix fixe menu. They have either a $80 per person or a $100 per person option. Neither option includes alcohol, tax or gratuity.

You will want to book these rooms well in advance, especially during the holiday season. They suggest at least 6 weeks in advance during the holiday season since the upstairs is booked basically every night.

On Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays for parties under 30 they do a seating at 5:45pm, 7:45pm, and 9:45pm. If you want to stay longer than two hours, it costs $25 per person for the third hour.

Typically on Saturdays and Sundays they do not take reservations for over 10 people after 2:45pm but depending on the situation and availability they sometimes will.

Upstairs private room with removable wall to the right

The Great Neck location also has a private room located on the first floor. There is a curtain that can divide it into two semi private rooms. To reserve a semi private room you need 20 to 30 people. In order to book the full room you need a minimum of 50 people and it has a max of 60.

For more information or to make a banquet reservation of over 10 people at either location, please call Maria at 718-387-0500 Monday to Friday from 9am – 4:30pm.

Reservations are not taken online. Call the restaurants directly for parties of 10 or less at Brooklyn at 718-387-7400 or Great Neck at 516-487-8800.


Monday – Thursday:           11:45 am – 9:45 pm (last seating)
Friday & Saturday:             11:45 am – 10:45 pm (last seating)
Sunday:                                 12:45 pm – 9:45 pm (last seating)

Website: Peter Luger

Peter Luger
178 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Peter Luger of Long Island
255 Northern Blvd.
Great Neck, NY 11021

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