Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge invited It’s My Bash for a taste and tour of their venue in Manhattan. We had an awesome time bowling, listening to fun tunes, eating yummy food and sipping on delicious drinks. Lucky Strike is not your average bowling alley – its like being at a fun cool club that also has bowling. My friend Stephanie hit the nail on the head as she exclaimed – Lucky Strike is swank-tastic!

We went on a Tuesday night and most of the lanes were in use. I gave the front desk our names and by the time we had our bowling shoes on, our names were already programmed for us. Now, I am not an expert bowler by any means but I was impressed by how nice everything was with the lanes and equipment. Everything seems new. The venue overall is spacious with couches to sit on behind each lane. Although the area directly behind the lanes was a little tricky to navigate but nothing a little maneuvering couldn’t fix.

Bowling lanes and lounge areas

Lucky Strike is a great environment to throw any type of party – birthday, bachelorette, bachelor, kids party or a corporate function. The Manhattan location has a lounge area, 26 lanes and 10 pool tables. They also have a super cool private space called the Luxe Lounge with its own 4 bowling lanes, pool table and bar. Below are details for their different adult, kid and Luxe Lounge parties.


Wednesday – Saturday:
Lane rentals are $200 per lane for 2 hours of bowling and shoe rental.
Minimum of 6, maximum of 10 people per lane.
Lanes must be pre-paid for in order to secure your space.
After the 2 hour minimum, lanes are $100 an hour.
There is a food & beverage minimum of $30 per person.
This minimum can be reached by ordering large plates and guests are able to open up their own tabs.

Sunday – Tuesday:
Lane rental is $150 per lane for 2 hours of bowling and shoe rental.
Minimum of 6, maximum of 10 people per lane.
There is no food and beverage minimum.

Food: Lucky Strike offers several ‘large plates’ to that are nicely priced for yummy finger food and perfect for groups.  Their mac n cheese bites was one of our favorites and it is $16 for 30 pcs. We also really liked the coconut shrimp ($30.50 for 18 pcs), grilled apple and brie quesadilla ($16 for 12 pcs), and the grilled cheese sliders ($15 for 10 pcs). My top pick was the Truffle Cheese mini burger – goat cheese and truffle oil on a burger equals heaven to me!

Drinks: There is a bar in the lounge area and they have servers for the bowling lanes. Our waitress was very attentive. The full bar has beer on tap or in bottles ($6 – $9), and wine by the bottle ($35 – $70). Champagne is also available by the bottle ($110 – $400). They have a fun tasty cocktail menu. Our favorite was the super refreshing Ginger Smash. The Betty was another fav although we ordered it with vodka instead of gin.

Lucky Strike also has bottle service:
Bottles of Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Scotch, Whiskey, and Bourbon are available.
Prices range from $225 – $500, and then there is one bottle of Scotch for $900.
All bottles are served with all traditional mixers and accompaniments.
20% gratuity is added to all tables receiving bottle service.

***Mr. Pin will make an appearance at any event for an added $50 an hour!

1 of 5 Evite designs available on the website


Birthday party packages are available for a minimum of 8 children.

***Birthday child is free

***1 lane per every 8 children.

***all 3 packages include 2 hours bowling and shoe rental plus unlimited soft drinks.

The Perfect Game: $39.95/person
Potato chips & popcorn, cheese pizza, chicken bites & fries, invitations, signable bowling pin for birthday child and glow necklaces

The Super Strike: $35.95/person
Potato chips & popcorn, cheese pizza, and hot dog & fries

The Smashing Split $29.95/person
Cheese pizza

Any child who is able to bowl is included in the package, which is usually around the age of 3 or 4 years old. Children younger than this would not be included in the guest count.
For adult guests, there is no charge for attending a kid’s party, unless they
would like to eat, drink, or bowl themselves. If the adults want to bowl, it is $150 per lane. This includes the shoe rental and bowling for up to a maximum of 10 guests per lane.


The Luxe Lounge has its own 4 private lanes, bar, DJ booth, 20′ X 12′ HD projection screen, and pool table complete with its own bathrooms and entrance.
This private lounge holds anywhere from 65-175 people.
The space is only reserved for groups in this range.

Space fee:
Monday-Friday before 5pm: $750
Sunday-Tuesday after 5pm: $850
Wednesday-Saturday after 5pm: $1050
**rates are per hour with a minimum of 2.5 hours in the space.

Both beverage and catering is in addition to the space fee and guaranteed for every guest.

Food: numerous options and menus of hors d’oeuvres, pizzas, mini burgers, entrees, salads, sandwiches, and pastas to pick from ranging from $30 per person to $46 per person. They also have a sweets menu for $15 per person.

Drinks: various levels of bar packages available starting from $15 per person per hour for beer & wine up to $23 per person per hour for a Super Premium Bar. They also do an unlimited soda bar for $6 per person per hour.
All bar packages are for a minimum of 2.5 hours.

Contact Laura for the complete menus and bar package details.

For booking any type of party contact:

Laura Leon
Associate Sales Manager
Phone: 646-829-0178

** If you need to cancel and have paid a deposit, you have one year to reschedule your event.
** Length of a typical game varies greatly depending on the number of bowlers and what their playing speed is. A good estimate is 1 to 1 ½ hours per 10 bowlers on a lane.
** Pay attention to the time because the machine will cut you off! When we got close to the end of our time it told us to hurry up and said how many minutes we had left.
** Best to have your party arrive 10 to 15 minutes before your start time so people can get their shoes, etc.
** Remind your friends to bring socks, but should they forget, you can buy a pair for $3.55.
** You can decorate your lanes as soon as they are made available for your event.

The bar and lounge area


Mon – Fri: Happy Hour 5-8pm, 1/2 off all well drinks and domestic beer

Mondays: Block Party! 8pm – Close, $22 All-You-Can-Bowl includes shoe rental with $15 per person per hour food & drink minimum

Wednesdays: “SESSION BEER BUCKET” Special 5pm-Close,  $20 “Session” Craft Beer Bucket Special

Thursdays: 80’s Night 9pm All 80’s music, all night. Themed attire. $8 Absolut Vodka drinks all night. Ladies bowl for free. Everyone pays 80% of their tab.


Sun – Wed: $9.95 per person per game plus $5 shoe rental or $55 an hour per lane, max 10 people, plus $5 shoe rental.

Thur – Sat: before 7pm same prices as above, after 7pm: $11.95 per person per game plus $5 shoe rental or $75 an hour per lane, max 10 people, plus $5 shoe rental.

**Weekly specials or the party deals listed above seem the way to go to me.

10 Pool Tables, cost $15 an hour before 5pm, $20 an hour after 5pm

(when they become a lounge Mon-Fri after 5:30pm, and Sat & Sun after 7pm).
NO Athletic Wear, Sweats or Sports Jerseys (Game day exceptions)
NO MC Colors
NO Excessively Baggy Clothing (Tuck-ins are not permitted)
NO Sleeveless T-Shirts
NO Plain White T-shirts (short or long sleeve)
NO Construction Boots
NO Headgear
NO Chains
NO Ripped or Soiled Clothing
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Management reserves the right to deny admission for rude, argumentative or offensive behavior.

This is a rather long list for a dress code! I suppose they are just trying to maintain the club/lounge type feel of the place. To be honest my friends and I had no idea what “MC colors” meant so we looked it up on Urban Dictionary. No joke – this is the exact wording given for the term:

MC Colors: Motorcycle Club colors. Each club has a unique club patch (or patches) adorned with the term “MC” that are worn on the riders vest, known as colors.
Yo fool, you aint gettin into dis here bowling alley with them MC colors on. Go put on a sweater-vest.

A fun feature on the website is a link to Evite with 5 different Lucky Strike designs: Evite designs

Lucky Strike began in 2003 with its first location in Hollywood. This was the same year the iconic Hollywood Star Lanes where they filmed “The Big Lebowski” closed. To pay homage to their predecessor, Lucky Strike purchased Lane #7 from Star Lanes and turned it into their bar. It seems to have brought good luck as they now have 19 locations across the country.

I am terrible at bowling and came in dead last but that didn’t damper my experience. For me, the bowling was just one part of the whole night. If you are looking for cheap dive-y bowling type place – this isn’t the place for you. We had a blast at the swank-tastic Lucky Strike Manhattan location and highly recommend it for a great bash!

Sun – Thurs: 12pm – 2am
Fri & Sat: 12pm – 4am

21+ After 5:30pm Mon-Fri
21+ After 7pm  Sat & Sun
**exceptions made if you book a private party in the Luxe Lounge.

42nd St & 12th Ave (all the way west)
624-660 W 42nd Street
Manhattan, NY 10036
Phone: 646-829-0170
Fax: 646-829-0185
Website: Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge

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