Dublin 6


Dublin 6
Wine & Dine Bar & Lounge
575 Hudson Street (between West 11th and Bank)
New York, NY 10014

Upscale Irish pub that is made up of 2 main long rooms. One side is the restaurant part and on the other side is the bar with a fireplace in the front. Dublin 6 is derived from the postal code D6 for the managing partner’s neighborhood Ranelagh in South Dublin.
Casual, relaxed, fun atmosphere with great food, reasonably priced, in the West Village.

Main bar, party space at the back

Main bar, party space at the back


The party room is located in the back with a curtain that separates it off from the rest of the bar. It holds up to 30 people seated (5 tables with 6 chairs each). Standing/seating it fits a maximum of 45.
Virtual tour of the bash space


There is no minimum spending or room rental fee but in order to reserve the whole back room you need to have a minimum number of people.
Sunday to Wednesday: minimum of 25 people
Thursday to Saturday: minimum of 35 people
If you have less than these numbers, then you will only have half the room reserved for your party.

They don’t do open bar packages. Cocktail/waiter service is available if everything goes on 1 check with 1 payment. Otherwise, people can go to the bar and start their own tabs and Dublin 6 will keep the room picked up and tidy.

Food can be ordered from their menus and they have a lot of finger food items. A few bar menu options: Mini Lobster BLT, Kobe “Pigs in the Blankets”, Sliders, Mac ‘N’ Cheese, Bangers & Mash and Empanadas.

Dublin 6 party space

Dublin 6 Party Room

You can bring in a cake along with paper plates for parties. Dublin 6 will provide the forks and napkins. No other food items can be brought in.

Contact the general manager Lou Rudy at info@dublin6nyc.com

Great space for a low key bash at very reasonable prices.

Dublin 6
Wine & Dine Bar & Lounge
575 Hudson Street (between West 11th & Bank)
website: Dublin 6

Dinner Hours:
Monday: 4pm to 10pm
Tuesday thru Thursday: 4pm – 11pm
Friday & Saturday: 4pm – 12 midnight
Sunday: 4pm – 10pm

Brunch Hours:
Saturday & Sunday: 10:30am – 3:30pm

Bar Hours:
Monday to Friday: 4pm – 4am
Saturday & Sunday: 12noon – 4am

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  1. monasapple says:

    i’m trying to rack my brain to think if i ever went here. looks cool! glad you’re still keeping up with the site 🙂

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