My Grampa

Sadly my Grampa, Bill Yates, passed away on May 8th at the age of 84. Happily, he was surrounded by love. My Grampa lived an incredible life and I am extremely proud of all his civil rights work.

My Grampa was always my biggest supporter and the first to read my posts.  Good thing, too, as he once gently informed me of a spelling mistake I had made. My last email from him was about how he liked my new format.

I miss him dearly. I am sad I will no longer get his honest and thoughtful comments as soon as I hit ‘publish’.  I do know that he is still looking out for me and encouraging me to do my best, just from a different place now.

I love you Grampa.

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2 Responses to My Grampa

  1. Gloria casey says:

    What better tribute to your grandfather then a beautifully written statement that
    Clearly comes from the heart! Such honest writing is an indication if what one can expect of the overall quality of your blog! You have made your grandfather proud – many times, in deed…of this I am sure.

  2. Judy Tuwaletstiwa says:

    hi lindsey, i think of your grandpa’s pleasure when you ran the marathon…and his carrying the pink balloons. he wrote so glowingly of you. he was such a fine runner. so, you carry on the tradition. what a beautiful tribute you write to him. thank you for sharing from your heart.

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