My Grampa

Sadly my Grampa, Bill Yates, passed away on May 8th at the age of 84. Happily, he was surrounded by love. My Grampa lived an incredible life and I am extremely proud of all his civil rights work.

My Grampa was always my biggest supporter and the first to read my posts.  Good thing, too, as he once gently informed me of a spelling mistake I had made. My last email from him was about how he liked my new format.

I miss him dearly. I am sad I will no longer get his honest and thoughtful comments as soon as I hit ‘publish’.  I do know that he is still looking out for me and encouraging me to do my best, just from a different place now.

I love you Grampa.

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Dublin 6


Dublin 6
Wine & Dine Bar & Lounge
575 Hudson Street (between West 11th and Bank)
New York, NY 10014

Upscale Irish pub that is made up of 2 main long rooms. One side is the restaurant part and on the other side is the bar with a fireplace in the front. Dublin 6 is derived from the postal code D6 for the managing partner’s neighborhood Ranelagh in South Dublin.
Casual, relaxed, fun atmosphere with great food, reasonably priced, in the West Village.

Main bar, party space at the back

Main bar, party space at the back

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Uva Wine Bar


1486 Second Ave (btw East 77th and East 78th st)
New York, NY 10075

Restaurant and Wine Bar (Uva means grape in Italian)
Cozy, warm, romantic environment
Delicious, yummy Italian food
Nicely priced


Wine Cellar – seats 35, available lunch or dinner
Back Porch/Garden – open year-round, temperature-controlled, seats 40, only available for private events during lunch

Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar

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Japas 38

Japas 38 is a fun, low key, high energy karaoke joint. It has a good size front room with a long bar and several private party rooms. They feature state-of-the-art karaoke equipment with more than 107,000 song titles and new songs are added every month.

Japas 38 is great for large groups and their party packages are the way to go. They have a full menu of sushi and regular bar food like mozzarella sticks. Food portions are very generous and good but not amazing. Although seriously, you are there to belt out your favorite tunes, not for fine dining. Waiters are attentive and not stingy with the unlimited drinks that come with the party packages. Good bang for your buck but just be careful with all those Sake Bombs. Book your room and party package for a great night out with your friends singing your drunk heart out! Continue reading

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Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge invited It’s My Bash for a taste and tour of their venue in Manhattan. We had an awesome time bowling, listening to fun tunes, eating yummy food and sipping on delicious drinks. Lucky Strike is not your average bowling alley – its like being at a fun cool club that also has bowling. My friend Stephanie hit the nail on the head as she exclaimed – Lucky Strike is swank-tastic!

We went on a Tuesday night and most of the lanes were in use. I gave the front desk our names and by the time we had our bowling shoes on, our names were already programmed for us. Now, I am not an expert bowler by any means but I was impressed by how nice everything was with the lanes and equipment. Everything seems new. The venue overall is spacious with couches to sit on behind each lane. Although the area directly behind the lanes was a little tricky to navigate but nothing a little maneuvering couldn’t fix. Continue reading

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Peter Luger’s

Peter Luger’s is one of the best, if not the best steak house in the city. It has been famous for over 100 years, serving the finest steaks since 1887. They choose from only the finest USDA PRIME meat available. The selection process is crucial and therefore is done only by members of the family who visit the wholesale markets on a daily basis.

I went to Peter Luger’s for the first time for a friend’s birthday. On this occasion it was just the 2 of us but there were lots of large groups in the restaurant. Going off recommendations from friends, we had the Porterhouse for 2, creamed spinach and Luger’s Special German fried potatoes. The meal was divine. Now I know why this restaurant has the reputation it does. We then topped off our meal with the Luger’s Special “Holy Cow” Hot Fudge Sunday, served with homemade “Schlag” (whipped cream). Holy Cow is right! If you can possibly save room after all the steak, I highly recommend this dessert.

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Mini Cupcakes!

Baked by Melissa makes the most adorable mini cupcakes and boy are they delicious!
BBM’s concept is that you can enjoy a little bit of multiple flavors. Instead of having to pick one big cupcake, with these tiny cupcakes, you can have multiple flavors and not feel guilty.

A little larger than a quarter, these bite size stuffed cupcakes come in lots of yummy flavors. Some examples are: Cookies & Cream, Tie Die, Peanut Butter & Jelly, S’mores, Chocolate Chip Pancake, and Mint Chocolate Chip. Most flavors are stuffed with a special middle. For example, S’mores is made up of Chocolate Cake, Graham Cracker, Marshmallow Fluff, and Chocolate Icing.

You can also create your own! On the website they have a gallery of cupcakes people have made. To turn your creation (or someone else’s) into reality, there is a minimum order of 300. Continue reading

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